A Success Story of DARVONI in Romania

We started commercial supply of Darvoni from January 17, 2016. From the starting we are supplying our Darvoni to more than 54 countries, mainly in Europe, CIS, USA, Hong Kong, China & Latin areas. All are satisfied about our product quality and got better efficacy.

We want to share one story from Romania. We got her mail on January 13, 2016. She wrote bellow-

“ I found that by some miracle your facebook address . I discovered that I had hepatitis C three years ago. I did treatment with interferon but I did relapse after completing treatment. Please give me more details on the acquisition of treatment for 12 weeks.”

She made payment on 20 January and we send her parcel on 25 January, 2016. She received her parcel on 27 January 2016-

“Hello , it seems that the goods arrive Friday . I gave an affidavit that I have hepatitis C and to use this properly . Thank you so much guys are special people.”

She started her medication on 29 January, 2016 and send mail on 4th February about her updates-

“Hello, I started the treatment on January 29. I made analysis after 3 days of treatment. transaminases are ok , blood count and bilirubin so are ok . fatigue disappeared from the third day of treatment. viremia you advise me to do ?”

Doctor’s feedback was about at 2 weeks 50% chance viral load 0, at 4 weeks it is 80%, 6 weeks 90% and 8 weeks 100%. Good time to test is 4 weeks.

She again mailed me 03 March, 2016 after getting her viral load test after completing 4 weeks of treatment. She wrote-

“Hello, I made tests for viral load after 4 weeks of treatment with Darvoni and the virus is undetectable . You are wonderful.”

We are sharing her report after getting permission from her.

We wish her good health.

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