Use of generic medicines has been increasing in recent years, primarily as a cost saving measure in healthcare provision. Generic medicines are typically 20 to 90% cheaper than originator equivalents. BEACON’s objective is to provide quality generic medicines at an affordable price.

Now the question is about safety and efficacy of generic medicine?

One of the main principles underpinning the safe and effective use of generic medicines is the concept of clinical efficacy. The purpose of establishing clinical efficacy is to demonstrate therapeutic equivalence between the generic medicine and the originator medicine.  A clinical study on efficacy of generic drug has been performed by Greg Jeffery and Dr. Freeman on the title “Study using Hepatitis C Generics medicines (REDEMPTION-2)”. In this study they concluded with a cure rate is over 96% for people using generic DAAs to treat their Hepatitis C. The generics used in this study include APIs from China, unlicensed generics from Bangladesh and licensed generics from India. These results are exactly the same as the results from the branded versions of these drugs. The results are based on more than 400 case studies from people who have completed their treatment. Only 5 relapse cases have been reported. Find out more about